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Hey all, thanks for spending some time checking out this site on Funnels Guru. Basically the idea of funneling is the transformation of visitors into customers on your website. But sometimes you must be very confused whether do you simply create access from a channel source (probably organic) and wondering why you do not create better conversion rates. After experiencing from working as an employee in Marketing, I began to really appreciate the data by allowing us a more thorough understanding of how users interact with our site operators, and more importantly, how they are converted, and not to forget where we can improve to increase conversion rates, and thus the leading source of revenue we come from the online channel. Therefore I would really recommend you Funnels Guru software that can really help you out on making your conversion to the next level.

Before we dive into the focus of this article, I want to make sure that we are all standing on the same understanding and looking at the same direction. I do not mean to refer to one of the funnel to pour the liquid into the bottle. Instead, I am referring to a funnel like this:


How to Use the Sale funnels Tool

The first stage in setting up sales funnel reporting is to understand your sales process fully (perhaps using a technique like flowcharting). While sales processes are often quite similar from company-to-company, there can be points of difference depending, for example, on the size of the order and the consequences to the client of making the wrong purchase decision. Brainstorm the sales process with your sales and marketing people to make sure that it is correct and comprehensive. From this, identify the key sequential steps in the sales process, and from these, create status codes. Try to keep these to a reasonably small number – otherwise reporting will be arduous, and it will be difficult to see meaningful patterns within the data.

Discover the Power of Funnels Guru Builder

Funnels Guru is the only Multi-Plugin Website Builder that doesn’t build Pages, but actually builds ENTIRE sales funnels with just a few clicks. With Funnels Guru powered site you will get all of required plugins pre-installed on your WordPress dashboard. You DON’T NEED TO BUY/INSTALL ANY HIGH PRICED PLUGINS to add functionality your money machine website.



1. Funnels Guru – Overview

Product Name: Funnels Guru

Product Author: Samir Chandra

Launch Date: 27th November 2015

Launch Time: 12 AM EST

Product Price: $19

Type of Product: Software






For Marketing Online the words “conversion” and “funnels” are very popular. There are many types of funnel that you need or want to employ in your marketing, list building funnels, sales funnels, product launch funnels for example. The good news is funnels are not that complicated and with a basic understanding you can easily and quickly set them up in your Funnels Guru power sites. It is possible to setup your funnel sequence within a single click of your mouse.


2. Funnels Guru – Features

Not only is Funnels Guru arguably the easiest marketing platforms available, it is also one of the most comprehensive. It includes all of the usual features you would expect for your marketing, plus many that are exclusive to Funnels Guru.

This software platform includes POWERFUL TOOLS:

The Internet’s Most Intuitive Multi-Plugin Website Builder Platform

bullet Drag-n-Drop Page Builder

bullet 110+ Customizable Templates

bullet 2 & 3 Step Opt-in Technology

bullet Split Testing of Your Pages

bullet Facebook & GoToWebinar Integration

bullet Easy, Export, Import & HTML Converter

bullet One-Click Upsell / Downsell

bullet Autoresponder & Payment Integration

bullet Broadcast Email to Members or Affiliates

bullet Advance Sales Report & Conversion Analytics

bullet Automatic Support Department for Each Product

bullet and much much more…..






3. Funnels Guru – Why this software?

I believe there are many people who is willing to spend tons of time and hard earned money to buy / install any high priced plugin to add functionality to your money machine website when you can just do it in just for a few clicks?

Trust me when I tell you that you will not find this kind of powerful and user friendly software anywhere else. Don’t settle with those non-compliant blaster software that gives you headache and time consuming.

This is the best and easiest marketing platform available. The strategy is VERY SIMPLE Funnels Guru uses it’s own website builder, membership management system, templates and sales funnel builder to sell and manage itself. That’s right it is built inside of Funnels Guru, when you secured access the transaction will be MANAGED by Funnels Guru, and your membership will be HANDLED by Funnels Guru itself. WHY NOT TRY EXPERIENCE IT YOURSELF WITH THE 7 DAYS FREE TRIAL!



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